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Upcoming: Weekender Edition in Baltimore

American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore

American Visionary Art Museum – Baltimore

I made it a point this past weekend to walk around and photograph as much as I could during my 24-hour stay in Baltimore.

Charm City offered this Washingtonian refreshing alternatives that were forty minutes by train and worlds apart in experiences.

More soon.

Upcoming: The Netherlands

I love Belgium and the Netherlands if it isn’t already obvious.

The next few posts will focus on my recent trip to the Netherlands, particularly The Hague (Den Haag).  The terrain may be flat and a little unexciting, but don’t let that stop you from visiting. What the city lacks in landscape is made up for by its hospitable inhabitants and endless opportunities to experience Dutch life.

Do you think Amsterdam is all the Netherlands has to offer?  Head southwest; won’t be disappointed.

Special thanks to Paul H., a native of Den Haag for the tips, tours, and general integration into Dutch culture.