About Me

Yvoire, France

Yvoire, France

Years ago, I boarded a Pan Am flight bound for Paris with not much carry-on luggage other than a camera, a basic knowledge of French, a blank journal, and an open mind.  I had lived 17 years before taking my first flight and the three-week experience of living overseas in the village of Orp-le-Grand, Belgium made a permanent impression.

Later that summer, I went west to Denver, and saw jagged mountains and deep blue skies that were as foreign to this east coaster as Flemish (spoken in northern Belgium) had been a month prior.

In college, I couldn’t take advantage of study abroad options because money was scarce. Instead, I flirted with English literature and my budding interest in communications—particularly writing—and earned a degree.  I also studied enough French to snag a minor.

When I travel, I use guidebooks as primers for discovering the layout of a new city as well as learning a little about local life and customs.  On foot, I seek out experiences that an average guidebook usually doesn’t cover.

Join me as I stumble upon, photograph, and share experiences that are occasionally overlooked, whether they are in my hometown of Washington, DC, or across whatever pond I decide to leap over.  – bdennisreid